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Hello All,


I had a spare piece of wood lying around (a very small piece a hasten to add!) so I decided to make a scenic stand for rolling stock to go on my windowsill. It is only 70 x 180mm so does it actually count as a model railway?  :scratchhead:

Track is just a single piece of standard Hornby track with the rails painted with Citadel paints. I find them great because they dry very quickly. The 'grass' is hanging basket liner and the bushes are Woodland Scenics and some stuff from the local craft shop. Theres still a few bits that need doing, for instance weathering the track a bit more.

All in all it's been a fun little build but one thing that's a bit annoying is that parts of the bushes keep coming detached. Is there any way i could reduce this? i've heard something about hairspray but i'm not sure what it does.


Thanks reading and please leave a comment or like! 











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It is only 70 x 180mm so does it actually count as a model railway?  :scratchhead:


I'd class anything that features two rails connected by sleepers as a 'model railway', although you do technically have a diorama there as opposed to a operating railway (but hey, no railway can be a railway without the tracks).


Anyway, you have a rather nice diorama there. However (and I am only nitpicking here), have you thought about removing the fishplates from the ends of the tracks and painting the base black or something? It would make it much more "presentable" and would make it look a lot neater. Apart from that, its a very nice (and very small!!) scene. After all, who can refuse a Terrier? :D



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As Saddletank suggests, the ballasting does look a little heavy weight. Try removing some of the surface stones & replacing it with a much finer top layer. Would also suggest mixing two or more shades, ballast is never all the same colour. Perhaps to add perspective, you could add a background plinth which you could move away from the diorama, ie not attached to it, to allow for out of focus photography. A simple way would be to add a hedge from Hedgerow Scenics.......you would only need one piece!

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