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I have made some progress with the body today. I didn't say at the start, but i don't expect this model to be of finescale standards. Hopefully though it will still capture the look of the real thing reasonably acurately!


I have removed the moulded on handrails that will now be in the wrong place and made start on rebuilding the bodywork. All of the pieces have been cut from a sheet of 40thou plasticard. The internal walls of the brake van are reusuable from the original. Also I have cut out the duckets from the original sides. In the new side i've made a square hole and glued the ducket into the side. The planking was scribed into the plastic and then tidied up with a file. It is by no means perfect but gives an average impression of planks. Does anybody have any tips or a better way of producing the planking effect?


Here's a couple of photos of progress. Tips and advice welcome :)




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