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Well there's not been any progress on the signal front or much other modelling come to that! At the beginning of August on my way to work, a half asleep motorist pulled out of a side turning and knocked me of my motorcycle. He was very apologetic, a classic case of "I'm sorry I didn't see you mate!" I suppose I should be grateful that he was insured and has accepted liability, but the upshot is he's b#ggered my Summer! The bike's a right mess, but at least it can be repaired. I've been left with a major tear in my rotator cuff ligament and detached biceps ligaments in my right shoulder along with a badly sprained thumb in my left hand! :-( None of this has improved my modelling ability, in fact its been very painful. The wheels in the good old NHS turn at glacial pace, I've had all the relevant scans but my consultant has as yet failed to give me an appointment to discuss his findings and my treatment options. Four foot deep base boards seemed a good plan while I had full movement of my arm, but at the moment reaching across them is proving impossible!


However I have discovered this week that if I tuck my right elbow into my hip and support my arm with a cushion, even with my left hand thumb brace on I can paint figures!:-) I've been buying suitable Edwardian figures for my layout at shows for the last few years, so I've got a number that need painting. I guess we could call it a form of Physiotherapy, it's certainly taking my mind of things anyway.


To make it easier for me to hold the figures Mrs Wenlock glued them to some spare C & L sleepers, which make a very good handle.



I then painted the figures with some matt black Humbrol Enamel as a base coat and to provide shadows.



Once the black was dry, I dry brushed white enamel paint over the surface of the figures to bring out the highlights.



Once the white had dried, The figures were painted with a range of colours that I mixed using more Humbrol Enamel paint.



I'm not sure that I've got the faces quite right, I always find that the trickiest part of figure painting.


Not a very cheerful post I'm afraid, but at least I've managed to do a little therapeutic modelling!


Best wishes from Slightly broken Dave

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