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Help needed with sound volume


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I bought a 2nd hand Class 22 (with a sound chip fitted) from a dealer at a swap-meet. There was no paperwork with it, and I don't know how to adjust the sound volume.



I tried adjusting CV63 to a value of 64, but if anything,it seemed quieter.



Can anyone identify the chip from the photo, and tell me how to adjust the volume please?

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Also looks to me like it might have the wrong speaker in it - is that just a round one?


This is the one designed to mount in the clips in the chassis




Should sound something like this - 7 mins in






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Now then, low sound from a 23mm Speaker?     Have you sealed the speaker, IE all the holes in the black housing, use tacky wax or similar.  The speaker housing has to be air tight to work correctly, also experiment with the speaker facing upward and downward, select which way sound the best.  Also make sure 'NOTHING' is touching the top black area on the speaker, as this vibrates for good sounds, a better speaker (Bass Reflex) can be had if all this fails.   PM Me if you want a cheap 4 Ohm Bass Reflex speaker.      Charlie

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