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Glasgow Queen Street - 60ft lengths or CWR?

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Hello all,


            throwing mysef onto the knowledgable folks on here, as per the thread title states, I am after knowing whether Queen St has 60 ft lengths or was it laid using CWR.......


I'm currently building this in EM ( but having to jig build the track work as it is timber sleepered, flat bottom rail with pandrol clips and nobody but nobody produces that, so I'm purchasing the relevant bits from C+L ), but having studied photo after photo, I can't clearly determine whether the station was laid in 60ft lengths or not - this needs to be as per 1988 btw not as it is now, if indeed it has ever been altered............


many thanks



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Hi Andy,


Best way to check is with photos from the period you are modelling.


I know - most of the photos are concentrated on locos and stock and quite often cut off the track but there are some out there.


A sample - from 2005...




Shows jointed fb track on wood sleepers.


Some more - from 2011...




Hope this helps!



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A lot of the photos taken at the Edinburgh end of the platforms that show the track do have fishplates in the shot,

though I imagine some of them may be for track circuit purposes?

Photos at the blocks end that show the track are rarer, and the sleepers are partly covered by sheeting and sand so its hard to tell.


There are enough views showing fishplates though to suggest it is in 60' lengths, here is one of mine from 1983



And another one from the 1987




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Many thanks for those speedy replies guys, those photos have helped.


I had hazarded a guess that it was 60 ft lengths, but I would now say that your views would confirm this - it will of course make things easier for building purposes now as I can make the sections up into prototypical and scale sections.


Thanks again



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