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0n16.5 gauge peckett 0-4-2T Karen

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Hi all,

I'm planning to build an 0n16.5 gauge layout running through a large town (more on that later), and it will need a loco.

Karen, a peckett 0-4-2T built in 1942 now on the WHHR is perfect for the job. It will not be a scale model, but as close as I can get using available parts. She will have to be modified to run on the tramway with side skirts fitted and maybe a spark arrestor as it will be running through a busy park.

Does anyone know if any drawings are available of her because I would like to get the basic dimensions right.

Also I am planning to use the Hornby 0-4-0 chassis as the basis as it is used in many kits for this scale.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the build as I have never scratchbuilt anything before although I have plenty of experience with airfix kits ( if that counts as modelling).

Thanks in advance



(Edit) I have changed the plan to 0n16.5 gauge due to a major rethink with the layout.

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