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DCC at Missenden Abbey

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For those of you who want some expert guidance in DCC and matters electronic, there are spaces at Missenden Abbey on the weekend of 24th to 26th October.


There are in fact three tutors looking after different areas of electronics in railway modelling:


For The Bewildered:  Howard Watkins will help those with little or no knowledge or understanding of electronics and introduce them to the basics with a mixture of theoretical and practical work.  By the end of the weekend it is hoped you will have a much better understanding of electronics, how it can be used in railway modelling and be able to carry out basic work.


For InitiatesPete Brownlow, very experienced in matters DCC in addition to wider electronics, will help those more familiar with electronics and it's applications in model railway control.  If you want help on other matters electronic, not necessarily DCC, that help is also available.


For Advanced Layout Control:  Mike Bolton, who developed the CBUS system, is on hand to guide those more expert in electronics and show them how to develop ways of controlling a layout.


All three tutors are very involved with MERG and just for this weekend, if you are booked on the course, you are an honorary member (if not a member of MERG already) and able to buy MERG kits.


Electronics is one of several areas of modelling available at the Autumn Weekend of the Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers.  Other areas on offer are locomotive and kit construction (all scales), sceneryairbrushing and weathering and 3D printing (see this thread on the course).  Places are limited to 8 on the 3D printing course but for the others there is no specific limit.  During the weekend, you are at liberty - indeed we encourage you - to visit any or all the areas, see what people are doing and discuss matters with any tutor.


Details of all the courses available in the Autumn Weekend this October and the Spring Weekend on 6th to 8th March 2015 are on the Missenden Railway Modellers' website.


I will be happy to answer any questions.  Contact me via the website or a PM.  If any of you are coming to Scaleforum (27th & 28th September), the Railway Modellers have a stand and will be very pleased to chat with you.





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It's worth pointing out that, while most modellers will be following one particular course, everyone is welcome to look in on other groups to see what's going on and to ask any questions they might have. For instance, someone on one of the loco-building courses might want to find out more about DCC or weathering while a scenic modeller might want a quick half-hour tutorial on soldering technique. All permutations are possible and there will be a programme of various practical demonstrations over the weekend.

Remember too that if you live within travelling distance, you don't need to stay overnight at Missenden Abbey. We offer a reduced rate, including lunch, for non-residents.


We will be at Scaleforum this coming weekend, so come for a chat and ask questions if you are going there.



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