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Bachmann pier: running an elevated loop in n gauge?


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Another newbie question!  :no:   I've seen Bachmann do an elevated pier system for 00 track, I was wondering if there was anything similar off the shelf for n gauge?   As I am totally new to building, I was also wondering what sort of gradient the average loco could manage on an elevated track system?  Because I am short of space I am considering running one loop (on supports) above a lower loop.  Any comments from anyone who has done this, or any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thanks.    :scratchhead:

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There are various options. The best is probably Kato, but Atlas and others do piers.


As for gradient, it really depends on the types of locos and length of trains you want to run. I personally wouldn't go steeper than 2%, but diesels that have all wheels driven can drag shorter trains up steeper inclines. Remember that sharp curves on inclines also hurt loco performance.


You can also use Woodland Scenics inclines and risers to make do an upper loop.


Here is an example of building a layout using the Woodland Scenics bits. Mark used a full 'layout in a box' kit for this one, but the various pieces are available separately.



Mark's website is a good reference in general, and particularly if you are buying locos through EBay or the like.




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