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There is nothing like the arrival of an invitation to an exhibition the stimulate the 'little grey cells'.


They needed to know the size, so I had to conclude the design, at least in terms of shape. It would be surprising if things did not change in some way between and October 2015.


I should perhaps say that Mr Harrap knows about this project and indeed there have been some initial discusses of the track work at a local Scale 4 Society meeting some months ago.


As I needed to consider the space in the travelling box as well as the table space required for display, it seemed like a good idea to go for a miniature of the layout. rather than just drawing a plan.


On the first picture it is standing on the full size plan drawn on my usual lining paper.




In the second picture the model is sitting on the box for the full size layout. The box has an internal length of 740mm so the overall size of the layout will be 1480mm x 700mm. The board is as wide as the bottom of the box, the side pieces travelling in the corner behind the building. Needless to say, the two ends pieces of the layout are inverted over the top of the central piece by the expedient of bolting them to the lid of the box. The canal surface in front will be a piece of painted and varnished board of some sort (whatever stays flat without support!) that will be carried in the bottom of the box and screwed to the bottom of the layout. This will give this tiny layout significantly more depth.


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