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post-1159-0-40115600-1410636290_thumb.jpgpost-1159-0-97280900-1410636346_thumb.jpgpost-1159-0-36965800-1410637653_thumb.jpgHad a great time a the RMWeb show, met some faces to go with their forum names and bought some bits and pieces.

I like the concept of the show, the hanging signs, the rolling talks on stage, the demo stands, plenty of sitting spaces, plenty of store choice, food a plenty and some very fine quality layouts. My particular show favourite was Reely Grate, yes it was.


I managed to find some wills granite setts so bought 3 packs along with a couple of their corrugated tin sheets. I also got my track rust and grime acrylic paints, so i'll be spraying up some test track soon.


i'll post a few photos later but my Chinese meal has just arrived .


Not sure how to edit text along side or underneath the photos so I'll add a few words here.

1/  Planning my first sorte into the hall

2/  Reely Grate my favourite layout of the day but then I am 0 gauge now too.

3/ Solid granite by Wills scenic products

4/  The face "Mike Bragg" behind the magic that is RG

5/  let there be light Giles demoing scenic techniques

6/  The noisy one 'RHYWYN FAWR STEEL'

7/   Ian Mellor on stage explaining about DCC

8/  I.M's layout "Four Gig" with him quickly exiting stage right to get on the "theatre" stage -- He also was running a demo stand for loco chip installation, busy boy I.M..






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