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Trio Layout


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Hi and welcome to my 9th layout.


The idea is to section the layout into three areas, each one having a different theme. I have a very active YouTube presense (made 153 vids last year), so I will add links for you here if you are interested. There are other videos in the series you can search on YouTube.



Scrapyard section called Piddlewick Yard:



Sci-fi section called Clash at Hyperion:



Horror fun section called Skeleton Creek:




During a show, if the scrapyard section is displayed, the other two become its fiddle yard. Then on the hour, the layout will be rotated, and then the sci-fi and horror will display with the scrap section becoming their fiddle yard. Well that's the plan.


It might make a nice change for visitors to come back an hour or so later and see something totally different, something they caught a glimpse of before.


I currently belong to Chelmsford & Romford model railways clubs. This may well appear in Romford Nov 8th.


I made this layout in five (10 hour) days.


I tend to reply only to video comments. Doing too many videos to do much else :-) I hope you enjoy.









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