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Mystery NER? and GWR Tender Chassis's


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Can anyone identify the two chassis's in this photo taken at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway by Andrew Murray recently?


On top is, I think, a GWR chassis from a Churchward 3500 gallon tender. Is this correct and which locomotive is it from on the NYMR?


Carrying it is a six wheel chassis that I'm pretty sure has been used as an ingot carrier at a steel works. The NYMR have another of these with much bigger frame slots that is definitely from an ex NER tender. I haven't seem narrow slots like this before, is it from a tender, or is it this a home brewed steel works built wagon?


If anyone can help I would like to add the information to the Vintage Carriage Trust Tender Survey website.






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Those frame slots aren't NER. NER tender's frame slots were either a 'D' on it's back, or on later tenders the same 'rounded-end rectangle' as the later LNER standard, though with both the same size as NER tenders were equal wheelbase.

Don't look like NER axleboxes either.

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