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Wrenn 'Neath Abbey' loco


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This one is a conundrum and I'd appreciate some help from those more knowledgeable than I on things Wrenn........

The club is shortly to hold another stock sale to raise funds. This time, we are hoping to sell a large collection of stock from an estate - we were approached by the widow to see if we could help and will be trying to dispose of 70+ items.

One of the locos is 'Neath Abbey' - a diecast Castle which I initially thought was Hornby Dublo because it was stamped 'Meccano' under the running plate. However, I knew that HD did not produce a Neath Abbey and so checked on Wrenn - they did produce one, and it is scarce.

The model is not a rename and the transfers are completely original. Can anyone advise if Wrenn used HD-named mouldings when they initially took over production of these models ? I could see them using acquired stock before churning out their own from modified masters. But am I correct ?

Also - can anyone hazard a guess as to the value ? It is not mint but could be described fairly as good, boxed and running well.

Incidentally, the sale includes a large number of Wrenn Castles and others, the majority of which are very poor repaints or heavy gloss varnishes: such a shame.




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I would have thought that it was a Hornby Dublo castle body as the tool for a new casting would have been prohobitive.


There is one here,sale ended but was a non runner but it maybe gives you some idea of the price.





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