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The bookshop has its interior.

For the interior I used the pub interior from Scalescenes as a base and the bookcases are from a free download of Clever Models.

The used illustrations and book covers I selected from internet. This was a job I liked to do. Unfortunately when you resize them to 4 mm scale the sometimes beautiful designs get lost. Therefor I selected the fronts more on colour them on design.

Books are very tiny in 4 mm scale and hard to work with in card and paper.



In the picture the whole interior with the shop window display next to small cup.


My regular readers know I like to create a story behind a shop. I did this also for Walden Books.

In the Northall Gazette of 26 October 1956 here was an article placed by the re-opening of the bookshop.



And of course a picture of the finished shop front and the next overview picture.




The used lightning is temporarily. But gives an impression of what I want to achieve when the diorama is finished.


Advices and comments are much appreciated.





PS. For those you like it the article of the Gazette in PDF:

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