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Meridian models simplex-How easy is it?


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Evening all,

I'm looking at building one of these as i a little side project as i've never built a loco kit before. Can anyone say if i would be easy enough for someone to build who has even attempted working with brass and whitemetal? I'm looking at building the protected version. Also, how easy are the motorkits to put in these things? If they're difficult, is there someone i can contact who will build the chassis for me?

Thanks in advance guys


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Hi Lloyd, as no one else has got back to you I thought I ought to jump in. I built my kit of the protected Simplex several years ago now before they produced their chassis kit for it. My loco is running on an Arnold Kof N gauge chassis and has done sterling service at numerous exhibitions. I found it a fairly easy body kit. To be honest I'd built a few white metal kits before but the Simplex was the first one that I had the courage to solder and fortunately it went together well. From memory there are only four main white metal castings for the body so using CA glue or epoxy to assemble these parts should be a problem. On the protected loco the roof parts are brass but with care you could probably assemble with CA or epoxy.


I have not as yet built one of the Meridian chassis kits but a recent article in 009 News was encouraging as it was written by someone who'd never assembled a chassis before. I intend to get one to fit under another locomotive kit  that I have in the drawer awaiting construction and would also like to build the armoured version of the Simplex at some stage.


Hope this helps.





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