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Query - Weathering a Blue HST


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I have from my childhood a BR Blue HST and was recently given another by a very kind member here who had no need for one.  These are the old Hornby models and I have a fair number of the old seven-window Mark 3s to go with them.  


I am keen to add a bit of extra life and detail to the power cars, and have so far ordered the Black Cat directional lighting boards, started shading the engine louvres and have made a start on painting the little red recess with white circle in forrard of the doors (not far enough on this model, but hey ho) and have been looking at reference pictures to get the weathering right.


Two questions have sprung up:


1.  In this picture and many others there is a distinctive pattern of exhaust staining above the cab.  I own an airbrush (or being more realistic the very basic Humbrol spray gun kit) and wondered if there are any tips about how to get the stain like this.  I was thinking blu-tack masking, but any other ideas?


2.  Any hints about where on the web to get good colour pictures of the roof of the power cars?  I have seen the new Hornby models have silver/grey panels in the middle which I believe represent the opaque ones on the real thing which let light into the engine spaces.  However I can't seem to find any pictures showing this or generally how the roof weathered, and I don't want to model a model.


3.  As with my picture top I intent to give the underframe a bit of an airbrush (or spray gun) with RailMatch Frame Dirt acrylic.  I'm happy with doing this on the coaches and non-powered parts of the set, but could anyone offer advice on how to handle the powered bogie?


Any suggestions much appreciated.  I've found this site really helpful even to a trainsetter-with-pretensions like me!

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Walk down and have a look - around the roof done weathered uniquely. Brush power cars rtend to be Browns, yams and oil black around either sides of the wheelsets, GEC ones tend to leak significantly less oil from the traction motor gear boxes. The pale roof panels are fibreglass, they get grubby but not so that there are obscured

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