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The 'Controlling The Trains' Building will be en route to Didcot Railwayentre on Sunday:-






Which MIGHT mean I'm going to get bored..




but I think not! The next project is taking shape on the computer already. I need some 'promo' structures for the business, and this one (a Victorian Sewage Pumping Station at Farnham) will fill the bill admirably!


I've already drawn up the 'two bay' wall on the right (the rear) of the building. CAD'ded at 1:1, it can be reduced to any scale - and prints nicely at 1:100. I'll build several versions - plain card, colour-wash wall & roof finish, full detailed wall finish with detailed windows. Meanwhile at 1:72 it will make a nice building for 'Ambridge. Well, a sewage works will make a change from a gasworks!

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