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Blog- Harton and Hopeguard BR 1960's Layout - Some Progress. Testing the track for Harton Junction. Making sure the Bachmann Coaches don't

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Hello all,


Some progress. Trying to cram as much in before I start my new job- won't have much time then! Also the missus thinks number 2 is on the way.........................................................


Anyhow- I have scrapped the old layout and have been testing new arrangements. Marton Central on this website has been an inspiration. Basically I am going to have an ex LMR terminus with an ex-GWR Branchline. Think of somewhere like Chester going into Wales or even a type of SVR spur. This will run to Hopeguard or Hopeton (not sure on the name yet) which will be a branch terminus. This will give me the excuse I need to run the ex-GWR tanks and stock.


Have a look at the trackplan and let me know what you think. Estimated completion- 2016!




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