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Blog- Hydraulic Heaven - Octel 1957 Chlorine Tank - Part 3

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Another quick update on the progress with this build.


As you might have seen in my holiday post, a second tank wagon seems to have sprung into being, the idea being that it's not much more effort to paint two of these than it is to paint one... well, that's the theory anyway.


Rather than yet another progress photo of a wagon slightly less incomplete than last time, I thought I'd look at another little conundrum.


Having finally got two wagons ready for painting (somehow there always seem to be a lot of little bits and pieces to do between 'almost ready for painting' and 'ready for painting') and given myself a big pat on the back I started wondering... how on earth was I going to hold the chassis for painting?


I usually attach things to lumps of parquet flooring salvaged from a DIY project many moons ago. These are big enough to avoid most of the sprayed fingernail incidents, heavy enough to (usually) stay put when subjected to a stream of compressed air from the airbrush but small enough to fit inside a suitable container to keep the dust off while the paint dries.


My usual method of securing a chassis for painting is a blob of blu-tack underneath, perhaps with an extra block to raise the thing up and allow some upwards spraying. The open nature of the chlorine tank chassis meant that wouldn't work this time though.


The next idea was to use some err... soldering clamps... (sprung hair grips) to grip the brake cross shaft which could then be touched in as the last step when everything else was finished. This didn't work - the chassis is too heavy and flopped around alarmingly when I tried it out. Scrap that idea.


Looking at the chassis, the only other places I could see where it might be held would be the rear of the 'W' irons and the wheel splashers that sit above these... so that's what I did... with the aid of some blu-tack, foam board and some cut down cocktail sticks.


The photo shows the painting fixtures (good grief, what a grandiose term!) ready to have the chassis fitted. The fixtures for the tank barrels are simpler - just some bits of 3mm ply which stick up inside the hollow tanks and are held vertical using more blu tack and foam board (although unusually I did actually glue the foam board to the ply to make sure it stays put). The remainder of the bits are held with lumps of blu-tack, foam board and double sided tape.




I was planning to get a few other things done while the etch primer was in use but it turns out that there are quite a lot of bits involved just for the chlorine tanks - plenty for one batch of stuff through the paint shop.

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