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Eratic Bachmann Class 66 running

ronnie thommo

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Hi Guys


An issue has got me tearing my hair out

I just cannot understand why this happens


I have had 66 411 running round my layout for 6 months,and it has been running like a dream for the whole period.It has been hauling 6 Bachmann Intermodal wagons, 4 loaded,and 2 not.

Yesterday, I cleaned the wheels,and my whole track work.

I don't see the point of doing one without the other.

Both the track,and loco wheels are gleaming.

I have not disturbed the pickups in any way, I am always careful not to do this

But now, the loco is running intermittently, more so around the corners, which I hasten to add are not tight.

To add to the confusion after a lot of head scratching, I turned the loco around, so that the usual leading cab, is now the at the rear.

It now runs fine

Why on earth has this suddenly started happening ? What is the issue, does anyone know please?




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