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TRACTION issue 224 was published on Friday 3rd October and, of course, now contains TRACTION MODELLING.

Readers of TRACTION will notice that this issue is a little different to previous ones. Following the extremely positive response to the TRACTION MODELLING supplement with the last edition of TRACTION, we’ve decided that this will be a regular feature and will now be found in the centre of the magazine.

As usual we have a varied selection of articles for you in this issue. Freight expert, David J. Hayes, recalls how his enjoyment of a TV series sparked an interest in freight train operations well away from his home area. Backed up with a selection of Brian Morrison’s photographs, he describes ‘WEST LONDON LINE FREIGHT IN THE 1970s’.

One of this year’s major sporting events was the ‘Tour de France’ and with it came an almost unprecedented amount of locomotive hauled passenger services in Yorkshire. TRACTION couldn’t ignore this, so we asked our regular correspondent Gavin Morrison to photograph the trains around Leeds and Bradford for his feature ‘TOUR DE FRANCE SPECIALS’.

Euston based driver Mick Humphrys looks back in ‘SLEEPER STORIES’ to the days when he worked sleeping car trains on the West Coast Main Line.

In our European section, Gordon Ogden returns with a second selection of photographs showing ‘GERMAN ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES IN THE 1980s’.

It’s good to see so many Class 60s returning to regular service, so we thought it was time to see the class hard at work in their earlier years. Dave Higson recorded the activities of the class in the early 1990s and in ‘CLASS 60s AROUND BRISTOL’ we see some of the variety of trains that they worked.

Continuing with our electric theme, Colin Boocock discusses ‘THE LATER AC ELECTRICS’. In the first half of this two-part article he covers Classes 86, 87 and 89.

In the photograph feature ‘BRCW TYPE 2s ON THE GLASGOW AND SOUTH WESTERN’ by N.E. Stead, we see Classes 26 and 27 at work on the line between Carlisle and Dumfries.

Shunting locomotives have rarely been in the limelight as far as enthusiasts are concerned. Peter Hall was intrigued to know why some of the smaller classes survived at work in different parts of the country. In his article ‘SO THAT’S WHAT THEY WERE FOR’ he looks at the survivors of Classes 01 to 07 that were still at work in the 1970s.

In TRACTION MODELLING we present Peter Coole’s layout ‘RETIREMENT CENTRAL’. It’s a somewhat tongue in cheek name and is a totally fictional location, allowing Peter to run his models in a relatively neutral but realistic setting. Peter has managed to incorporate into his layout a small maintenance and servicing depot, a scrap yard and Speedlink sidings as well as loops to allow overtaking of trains.

Back in the early 1960s, enthusiasts along the East Coast Main Line were amazed to see Southern Region BRCW Type 3s heading cement trains. When Trevor Smith wanted to reproduce these Cliffe to Uddingston trains on his layout the only suitable model was the old Hornby ‘Cemflo’ cement tanker. His article ‘A CEMFLO WAGON’ shows how, by careful choice of additional parts and modification of the original item, he has managed to produce a realistic rake of wagons.

C. Schneider’s article ‘THE CLIFFE TO UDDINGSTON CEMENT BLOCK TRAINS’ looks in detail at these trains and reminds us of a time when such through inter-regional workings were a rarity and cause for excitement among railway watchers.

Finally, I’d like to offer an invitation to all modellers who have a diesel or electric era layout, or have ideas for articles that they could contribute to TRACTION MODELLING to contact me at the editorial address or by email.

If you've read this issue you may like to complete our online reader survey - see below.

TRACTION 224 reader survey
We’d like to know which type of articles readers enjoy and find interesting. By completing this survey for the current issue you will help us to make TRACTION magazine even better. Click on the link below

The next edition of TRACTION will be on sale on December 5th.

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