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Bachmann class 150 centro livery


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The version of the Centro-RR livery shown on the website (with the white stripes either side of the doors to aid visibility and the Centro logos repositioned) dated from the very late 1990s - sometime about 1998-9 and was replaced about 2006 with the Central green livery of the older Bachmann model.


Prior to 1998-9 the livery was very similar but without the vertical white stripes alongside the doors, and the Centro logo to the left of the door above the door button.  This was introduced about 1990 and originally had "Regional Railways" branding which was removed on privatisation.


It's a shame really that Bachmann have gone for the 1999 version and not the earlier 1990 version as the later version with vertical white lines had a relatively short lifespan.  There again it shouldn't take too much to backdate it, and Centro logos are available from Railtech and Fox.

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