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China clay wagons - when did they get vacuum brakes?


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If I have it right the classic wooden 9ft china clay wagons were introduced in the early 50s, at some point acquired vacuum brakes and were fitted with the classic hood in the mid 70s. Is this correct?

If so when did they get fitted with the brakes? My layout is set in the early 60s, right at the end of steam. Should the clay wagons be braked, and should they be grey or bauxite?

Many thanks

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For your period they should be bauxite and braked.


I don't have my books in front of me but if I recall correctly only the first one or two lots of BR built wagons were unfitted and then the rest were vacuum braked from new. The unfitted ones were soon converted.


EDIT: Mickey beat me to it.

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I have 'Wagons of the Middle British Railways Era' 1955-61. by David Larkin


The 875 wagons were built in seven batches from 1955 to 1960, they were the first wagons built specially for clay export since 1914 (similar to GWR diags O12/O13).

As mentioned above apart from the first two batches all were built with vacuum brakes from new. 


Remember that clay traffic for British destinations other than Fowey went in ordinary 10' wheelbase wooden bodied open wagons,

following hot axle box problems from 1966 the fleet of wagons used for clay to Stoke on Trent were fitted with roller bearings.



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