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Help required please - Hornby Black 5 R2995XS


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Hi All


I have been adjusting the CV's on my Hornby Black 5 - thought I was just modifying CV's 3 and 4 - accel and decel


I've obviously adjusted something unexpected as the exhaust sound is completely out of sync



If anyone has the same model or has done the sensible thing and record ALL cv values before adjusting anything, does any know the defualt values for CV57 and CV58 - which from reading the V4 manual control the sync.


Or if any could post the default values for CV57 to CV67 that would be much appreciated.


Have to say I'm quite impressed with the sound on this loco (when it was running ok)



Many thanks


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Hi Andy

            Here's a list from my own model of  45 010 - although I purchased it S/H I've not changed any of the following CV's, or reset it, although it's always possible the previous owner "may have" ?

CV 57 = 100

CV 58 =   26

CV 59 = 128

CV 60 = 220

CV 61 = 192

CV 62 = 255

CV 63 = 140

CV 64 =   60

CV 65 =   16

CV 66 =     0

CV 67 =     9 


This loco has the V4 Loksound fitted.  I've an earlier Black 5 which came fitted with a Lok V3.5 , Some time ago, Bryan of (Howes Models) posted a set of revised CV's for it, and they made a big difference to what came as standard "out of the box"  It may be worth asking Howes if there is a similar list available for the Lok 4 version. 




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Cheers Ken - all lined-up correctly


It is running nicely now - I've increase the accel/decal to the top of the range


I noticed the biggest problem was decreasing cv2 - start voltage - anything less than 3 and the sound goes completely out of sync.


For a committed diesel/emu modeller this loco is very impressive - £60 ebay bargin of the year for me.


Many thanks


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