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Ixion Green Hudswell Clarke - Motor voltage/current figures

Ken Anderson

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Can't help with a graph, but if you look at the discussion about KA caps in my thread & SlapheadPenguin's thread here




You'll find some empirical info about the Ixion Fowler, which I believe has the same motor. Of course, the current will depend on the load and applied voltage, as will the speed.


Maybe Chris Klein can provide the motor data sheet. As I'm nosy, why do you want to know? :)



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Thank you.

I'm hoping that Chris may pick up on this thread.

The reason is that I want to convert a loco to DC battery power with Xbee radio modules.

I'd like to use a battery pack lower than 12Volts.

So I'd be happy with lower voltage running if the loco moves with such or an Up Voltage converter.

Obviously I want to minimise the electronics so an Xbee receiver and H-Bridge would be ideal.


(Xbee's are effectively radio modems with multiple function inputs and outputs. The PWM is ideal feeding a H-Bridge for reversible motor control).

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Ah, guessed right!


not a lot of room, as I understand it, but given that poeple seem to manage with Arnold N gauge dock tanks...


I'm sure Chris wouldnt mind being pm'd, he's a very pleasant & helpful chap!


good luck


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I'm out at the moment, but I know I have a data sheet somewhere on my PC at home. I will try to get something to you in the next 24 hours. We used the same motor in the Fowler and Hudswell Clarke and while you have specified a green Hudswell Clarke, they also work in the red, black and new green versions. Maximum current draw we have seen to date under load is about 375ma on the HC and 300ma on the Fowler. The latter runs happily on DCC decoders designed for Z and N gauges.





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