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Here's my first contribution to our Duddeston Road blog


This is actually a loco I am doing for my brother - but its bound to appear on shed sometime.


We bought this Fowler 4P at the Huddersfield MRC show. It looked fine and ran well. When I came to start weathering it I realised there was a horrid gluey thumbprint on the LHS tank.




I carefully reduced it with a fibreglass pencil, a scraper and some very fine abrasive.


Martin had given me a prototype to base it on



and here are the results so far.










Still a way to go.


There are a couple of spots on the front buffer beam that Ive missed, the cylinder fronts are yet to do - probably with powders - coal and lamps.


I've never shown any of my stuff before - so I'd welcome any hints or comments.



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