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Here, and 'elsewhere'

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Recently a couple of innovations have appeared on the forum - an example being showing layouts available for exhibitions - nice idea and clearly useful to exhibition managers.


But in both cases there have been posts in both threads saying in effect, and sometimes in a less than positive manner, that 'so & so already does this'.  Well maybe 'so & so' does but I can't see that as any reason for RMweb not to do it and to be honest some of the other sites are, in my experience, not worth looking while I doubt if anyone has the time to look at all of them.  


People may well 'belong' to more than one forum and why not if that that is what they want to do - it's free country (sometimes).  People are also free (generally) to look at any part of the internet which takes their fancy and, obviously,  to look at or 'join' any forum which takes their fancy or will welcome them or, in some cases, tolerate them.  


Similarly it's a free world in terms of posting stuff onto the 'net be it nonsense (far too much of it alas, even when it comes to real and model railways) but as I see it there's no reason to take what I regard as cheap or childish potshots when something is done which genuinely and helpfully adds to what any particular site or forum offers to its members and visitors.  This is the forum I visit and use and if something is added which helps me then thank you, even if something vaguely similar might be out there when I start googling. 

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