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The prototype for the Peco Kit is the Cowans Sheldon 70ft preserved turntable at Yeovil Junction. The Yeovil turntable is Grade II listed:




Photos of the Yeovil turntable do reveal a common ancestry but Peco simplified the design of their kit.


Research into Cowans Sheldon turntables demonstrates a wide variation of detail with the same basic design being sold with manual, electric or vacuum drive. When it comes to painting, the Yeovil example is probably a good "go by".


With regards to the electric drive, I am interested to know how the electric cable would be connected to the rotating bridge. One system would be to have connections near the hub of rotation, possibly as concentric wiper contacts. But flooding of the turntable well would be seen as a potential problem. This question is largely academic as examples of working electric drive turntables do not show any cabling - it must be hidden.


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