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ESU release update 4.0.2 for ECoS

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Just to let you know that the latest ECoS update is available to download.


It features a few bug fixes and adds some new features.


- Fixed a bug when saving the settings in combination with consists. This could have lead to a ECoS freeze during startup.
- s88-Modules numbered 32 or larger did not show any updates in both the setup menu and the track layout.
- When changing the address in the "Edit locomotive" menu on the programming track, the programming track did not change back to normal mode after the programming was done.
- In the webinterface you can show the list of Cvs of the locomotive (if read in already). Just click on the blue locomotive address. 
- Using the webinterface, you can now shutdown your ECoS.
  off very fast in case of over current.
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When ESU talk about the web interface, they mean that these new functions are only available from your PC or Tablet, and not from a screen on the ECoS itself.


A word of caution about the new CV list and values functionality. When you read a decoder profile, the ECoS apparently stores the list of CVs and their values. If you change the CVs without using the ECoS, such as using a SPROG and DecoderPro, or the LokProgrammer, then the actual values will no longer match the values previously stored by the ECoS. So if you do use this new functionality and do change CVs without always using the ECoS, read the decoder profile first, and then get the CV list for the loco from the Objects > Locos menu. I've tried it with a LS V4 and ZTC255, and it seems to work for both of them.


Oh, and the bit at the tail end of the English version of the release notes "off very fast in case of overcurrent." is a typo/edit glitch from the release notes for 4.0.1 and shouldn't be there. (Been there, done that).

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