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Well I've spent the day making bushes and a hedge. I've found a pretty straightforward technique that gives pleasing results.


To start off, we had already placed rubberised horsehair around the layout as a first step. It had all be sprayed brown before placement but they didn't really look that good. So here's what I did to improve the looks.


I sprinkled fine dark green ground foam around and on top of the horsehair, then a little bit of fine black ground foam. I then sprayed a light layer of matt varnish on top. Finely teased postiche followed the varnish. This was followed by more varnish and more foam, both dark green and black joined by a small amount of light green, just for a highlight.


The hedge consists of 6 (I think) bushes. These were made with twisted 0.25mm brass wire, 3 or 4 stands per bush about 2" long each. These were shaped to form a basic armature to which was added a small amount of rubberised horsehair. These were then sprayed with grey primer and allowed to dry. Once dry the same varnish/postiche/ground foam technique was used. They were then planted close together up a hill (and at the edge of a board joint).


And now for some pictures:







Leave a comment, let me know what you think.


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