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Port of Avon Quayside Railway


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Here is my OO gauge exhibition layout, 8ft by 20inches (including fiddle yard) of a fictional preserved 1940s harbour side.


I do a lot of shunting on the main layout using a range of different wagons!

- There are 13 isolating points on the layout

- point controlled from the back by push/pull levers which switch a switch to change over the polarity (I think) when the point changes ( I hope that makes sence)

- the fiddle yard uses a cassett system which has it's own on/off power suply!


The layout was built by a modeller, Mark seward, on my request!

I hope to add a lot more to it, including custome backscene, lights and other little details ect!


I'm looking to take the layout to a show in the next few months! And any help on what I need to do or have for these, that'll be great!


Hope you like it! Any comments would be great!


Mike :)




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A few shots looking down would be useful, without any effects.

Your location and the overall size of the layout would be useful. Can it, stock and two persons with overnight bags be transported in your car or is hair vehicle required?

How about lighting for the lay out?


Gordon A


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Hello Gordon!

Thanks for your comment, I'm based in kingswood, Bristol :)

The layout is 8ft in length and 20inches wide and the fiddle yard (3 ft long) comes apart from the main layout!

I havnt tried fitting it in the car, but I'm sure the layout, stock and some overnight stuff would fit in the car but may need to hire a small van!

I plan to buy the Main layouts light this week coming! Will post a few better picture then :)


Hope this helps

Mike :)

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