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Here's one to confuse the purists


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I suggest that the purists are probably aware that Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen (TÅGAB) painted one of their NOHABs in Great Northern livery.  TMY106 started life as Danish State Railways (DSB) MY 1108, one of half a dozen such locomotives (nos. TMY 101-3/5/6/18) acquired secondhand, the remainder appearing in a more normal silver and red livery.  Quite a regular sight at their base at Kristinehamn (as in the accompanying photos), these locomotives could be found in many parts of Sweden and Norway.





What the purists may not realise, however, is that TÅGAB also painted one of their two T43s in the same livery.  T43 107 (formerly T43 253, which was also its original SJ identity) is also seen at Kristinehamn, on a later visit.  (The yellow loco in the background is one of the former ÖBB class 1043 electrics, built by ASEA, repatriated and acquired by the Swedish track maintenance company Banverket).





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