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Research RMWeb and you will find lots of advice concerning the removal of pad printed details on modern RTR products. In this case the Bachmann Midland 3F 0-6-0.


People can get quite heated over what to use and what not to use. To be fair, the latter are remonstrating against those techniques that could cause lasting damage to a plastic model.


Anyway, I decided upon the IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) method which can be time consuming and therefore prone to a "hurry up and spoil" result. Advice on RMWeb is plentiful and I noted that one successful method is to use cocktail sticks to assist the removal of the painted details after soaking in IPA. I can advise that this works!


However, IPA tends to leave a residue. A simple approach is to use a pencil eraser and this worked for me. However, I added a piece of my own invention, a simple application of a soft brush on my Dremel. This seems to have assisted the eraser and then some:




So now I can apply some transfers!

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