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Hi folks, slightly later than planned due to one thing and another and a break away.


So a quick rundown what was recently OMWB:


Set of six modified Bachmann bauxite liveried Covhops plus one unfitted grey one weathered. I have renumbered the six bauxite ones using the Cambridge Custom Transfer sheet BL35h suitable for wagons in the Tunstead to Northwich limestone pool. All the existing panels and printed markings were removed with thinners and cotton buds. I used five of the 38-500 plain bauxite models and one of the BIS 38-502 version. The BIS one will take a lot more effort to remove the markings but at the time it was the only version I was able to buy. The six bauxite wagons have had all the unwanted underframe detail removed as per Alan Monks recent article on the unfitted through vacuum piped wagons in Rail Express Modeller. I just need to finish off the brake rigging and add the push brake shoe parts using the Parkside parts.


I wanted to have the seven wagons running in time at the recent Hazel Grove MRS exhibition and managed to finish them bar weathering up the six bauxite wagons. They looked good running round and being shunted on the yard on the clubs Hazel Valley layout. Quite a few punters looking and pointing at them.


This photo shows the six wagons before the existing printing had been removed but the underframe mods completed. Lurking in the background on the right are a partially complete Parkside open wagon, Bachmann 27ton conversion and a Chivers 21ton coal open. Above is one of the old Ian Stoate Models ICI hopper wagons in N gauge I picked up at a model show and have undercoated.



Next photo shows the sole grey Covhop alongside my Hornby Sentinel which is in the process of receiving faded ICI Mond orange, grey and white livery. Behind the ex Bachmann TTA Mobil tank body there are a pair of Bachmann HEAs awaiting repainting into Sector grey with RF Distribution logos special one off livery that a pair carried. To the right are two of my Hornby HAA to CBA covered lime hopper conversions.



Final photo of the fiddle yard part of my Speedlow layout with my test DCC loco 37688 appropriate Buxton number but wrong livery lol! Along with some recently purchased Bachmann PCA Metalair tankers. These are lovely wagons. I have a small part to play in getting these produced by Bachmann following a suggestion made to them a long time ago 2008 or so I think. Oh well at least they eventually got produced. In the background are six of the old High Peak Casters kit models of the ICI hoppers I managed to find and purchase at a recent Bolton Reebok sorry Macron toy fair swapmeet. They need a lot of fettling up and work doing on them...



Cheers Paul

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