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Steam Sound Chuff Intensity


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I have been gradually working my way through my diesel fleet retro fitting sound to them (particularly impressed with Ian's Class 26, 27, 33 and 37 sound projects too!). I am now considering retro fitting sound to some of my Steam, so have started to look about at what is on offer. One thing I have noticed is that, although many sound projects have lots of nice ancillary sounds (whistles, buffer clanks, injector hisses etc.), none I have come across seem to have variable chuff intensity. I am trying to find sound projects where if you open the regulator gently, you get gentle puffs, but if you open it up you get steam blasts, and if you open it right up you get steam blasts and wheelspin effect (i.e. variable sound based on regulator use).


Is anyone producing such sound projects? If so, what locos do they have sound projects for?


Any help gratefully received,



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A visit to Warley gave me the answer... South West Digital's new 'U'Drive is just the ticket, much more control of sounds at different running speeds, and the use of F10 to move between Light and Heavy loads too, giving different chuff intensity. Bought a 57xx Sound Chip from the SWD stand, plus a couple of sugar cube speakers, on Saturday and fitted out one of my Panniers last night, and I can honestly say I am very pleased with the final result (had to loose the weight from the bunker, but still pulls well).


The 'U'Drive equipped chip allows for, amongst many, many things:-

  • Basic blast away from standstill (with F10 off ... heavy train gaining momentum)
  • Gently chuff, pull away from standstill (with F10 on ...  light engine, or light load)
  • no chuff at speed (regulator closed, for coasting or slowing)
  • hard pull at speed (notched up, for climbs)
  • gently chuffing at speed (notched back, for cruising)

Big thumbs up for the SWD 'U'Drive  :imsohappy:

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