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After 8 hours the body-work is starting to take shape




I followed Chris's instructions almost to the letter - so valances first, then bend down buffer-beam supports etc. I'm using in the main 'Carrs Solder Cream' - excellent stuff.


Only about 15 mins into the build - and I couldn't resist!




Next job was the smoke-box. The former folds out of te chassis with the smoke-box front soldered to it. Then the wrapper is applied - with much heat & swearing. It actually has 'reverse bends ' in it and is a little so-n-so to get right (and I'm still not convinced that mine is).




Move 15 feet back andfirst the firebox wrapper has to be formed... the firebox is round-topped - no problem for the rolling bars - but the sides drop vertically by secondary bends at the end of the rolled top. I created mine round a file-shank as they are too small for the rollers. The cab takes shape. This has a constructional element -




to which the cab sides and front are sweated on.


But first you have to add the firebox wrapper - and now the coal bins are in place there's not a lot of room!




Sweating on the cab sides etc was no problem - out with a 'Bulldog Clip' the trusty blow-torch and the obligatory piece of asbestos.. Loadsa lovely heat -




Which promptly unsoldered part of the firebox wrapper. DOH! Not quite sure how I'm going to get round that - food for thought tonight!




Anyway, 8 hours (including an hour scrubbing up) in and she's developing into a pretty little thing. 'Little' is the operative word here - she actually sits inside a 5-plank 'open'....





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