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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.

Hi to everyone


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Just wanted to say hi as a new member to the forum. Getting back into modelling after a 20 year gap, still have all the OO guage Hornby and Lima models from my youth, including a Zero One with slave and handheld unit! My favourite model was a Frizinghall respray of a Hornby 37 into 37264, which I still have and to my delight is now preserved on the NYMR! Saw it last month :dancing: Also been going a bit bonkers buying new models recently.


Have boards I made up a few years ago, so track planning at present then get under way.





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Welcome Tony from another recent newbie. I've found the forum members to be very helpful with their answers to my questions. Seems to be a lot of people here who have seen it, done it, remember it or just collected a bit of information that may be useful in the future. Also sounds like you're at a similar stage to me for layout building.



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