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Toddler Proof loco help

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Hi Guys, 


Really pleased at the fact my 5 year old has started to appreciate the joy of the hobby of kings that is Railway Modelling. 

He's been playing with wooden trains for years and knows he's got to be careful around the expensive trains on the layout but he's good enough to enjoy playing with certain specified locos when we play together. 


He likes filling the hoppers and cars with his toys and this is great fun for us both but the problem is that it puts quite a wear on the cogs inside and, sadly, we are getting quite good at stripping them of the teeth to the point of them being useless. 


We've gone through 3 x Class 08's in the past few months and I'm hoping there's a better solution. 


Are there any models out there that won't break the bank that are DCC fitted/compatible but preferably with some stronger internals that will cope with the heavy loads a 5 year old will try and pull with it. Or perhaps some replacement internals to beef it up a bit?  I don't want to spend too much on it because, realistically, it may not last that long but something better than 4 weeks or so would save me some heartache. 


I know a lot of purists won't like models being used to distraction but it's been fantastic introducing him to the hobby and his eyes light up every time I suggest we go and put the layout through its paces which is worth it's weight in gold to me. 


Thanks in advance,



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