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Hi All, following on from Issue 2 and the photo of the six bauxite Covhops that I was in the middle of converting and renumbering I have now taken a photo of the six as below. Just need to get some of the Parkside parts or have a look at home in Stockport to see if I have any filed away somewhere that I can use. I have weathered up the underframes and just need to do the same for the bodywork to make them all lime stained as per the real wagons.



A closer look at the CCT transfers they certainly look the part



Lurking in another box is this pair of lovely Buxton allocated 37/5s 37677 in Railfreight Red Stripe livery along with 37682 in Railfreight Construction. These are Lima bodyshells mounted on Hornby Railroad 37 chassis to allow an upgrade from the old Lima pancake motors and as the HR 37 is DCC ready I have chipped them both. I just need to weather the chassis and bogies and put some Kadee couplings on and then these will be ready. I know they don't stand upto the more modern Bachmann 37s but it seemed a shame to waste the Lima bodyshells when I had gone to all the trouble of repainting and renumbering them all those years ago. I have three more the same just need to get some chips for them and they will soon be up and running



Aside from doing more work on my Speedlow layout I need to try and get on with some of my wagon projects so I will have at least something to run on the layout.


Cheers Paul

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