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Advertising on GWR Road Vehicles

john dew

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This is is the Oxford  Models Scammel Mechanical Horse


As you can see the trailer comes with empty advertising sites on each side which I would like to fill

Should this be commercial  like Lux soap etc or corporate eg  a GWR travel poster. The Oxford LNER version comes with a LNER/LMS travel poster.  I have this vague memory that commercial posters were used.....but I guess I am thinking of BR.

Any suggestions much appreciated


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A quick look in the book, Great Western Road Vehicles, shows that commercial advertising was more common than in house travel adverts. Oxford has copied this vehicle from an official picture showing it before any adverts had been applied. They did however also run in service in this state.



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Thanks for that  Merfyn. 


I did some more research and found  some great shots of a mega GWR Goods Depot on this site


Its surprising how often this site comes up when googling..........its well worth a look

There were lots of vehicles most with advertising but all commercial

The shots were 1920s but I dont think that custom and practice would have changed that much.

However, by this time I had already scanned, resized and printed some travel posters icon_cry.gif .
So in true Canadian style I compromised (no I didnt print them in French as wellicon_wink.gif)


Two commercial and one a rather elongated GWR "London Pride"

Looking at this photo I am even less confident about the use of travel posters on vehicles......I think they were designed to be viewed by passengers hanging around waiting for trains rather than a fleeting glimpse on a moving vehicle. Although I assume Oxford did the requisite research with the LNER trailers.

Whatever...... the Granby Operating Division has determined on a 2:1 ratio because I aint changing it now!

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