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Ais Gill summit layout

ben pez

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Thought id start a new thread in the settle & carlisle route section on here.

Layout is in the loft,started building this november 2013,still very much work in progress.

The layout runs around the perimeter of the loft measuring 13'x12'.


First battens being put on the wall last year..






Frame work with adjustable feet



Baseboards and trackwork were finished in march






Scratch built the stone road bridge thats very popular with photographers,since had weathering and the coping stones painted the right colour








Ais gill box,needs weathering of course...




Trackwork is now all sprayed with sleeper grime and ballasting has started




Ive modified a ratio lineside hut to try and resemble this one...






As always,still plenty to do!



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Welcome to madness...S&C style.  Sooner or later, we'll be able to build the entire line in OO at a show...


(& yes, I note this is a fixed in place layout...I'll add that in my opinion, even if building a layout at home, I would from now on, always build the big segments modular, so that if a house move ensues, one can pick up at least some parts of it and keep them)



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Hello ben pez

Welcome to the S&C section with Ais Gill.

I saw your layout in the main section yesterday and wondered if you'd thought about joining us here!

I gave your photos a "like" especially the work on the signal box and the bridge stonework.



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Cheers for the welcome & comments lads.

Think i,ll just keep the thread layout in this section as its full of like minded people!

The bridge is scratch built using a plywood shell and plasticard but the signal box is a new Hornby one.

Chose to buy it as ive got so much to do on the layout already,got the cattle creep bridge to fit in the baseboards which ive nearly done,scratch build the brick bridge further up the line,scenery etc etc!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Done a bit more yesterday...


Nearly half of the scenic section of the layout had been ballasted.

Black 5 passing under the now finished road bridge




Made a start on the cattle creep bridge under the line,next job is to build the banking along the line.






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Done a bit more today....

Started in one corner where the road overbridge is.

Although it looks like the grand canyon at the moment!

Im hoping it will look better once the ground cover and static grass is on.

Waiting for the other side to dry before i can give that a base coat.





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Afternoon Ben, looking good so far and some scratch building in progress as well.


Keep the pics coming, we love em.


All the best.


Ben, totally agree with Andy. The more photos, the better.


Today's work looks good. It'll be nice to see the locos sweeping round that broad curve under your bridge. Great stuff!



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The baseboards are nothing really fancy just made in sections,using 2x1 timber,and braced underneath every 18 inch so hopefully no warping will happen up in the loft.

Ive put black out blinds on the velux windows up there as well to try and keep the room cool in the summer months.

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Nothing really to do with the layout...

But instead of playing with 00 gauge black 5s me & my younger brother were playing with full size ones today seems as its his 32nd birthday today

Never grow up! (Im the one stood at the cab door)

Happy new year to all members on here



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  • 2 weeks later...

Done a bit more recentley on one corner of the layout,still needs static grass,bit of fence by the road side,and eventually a photographic backscene of wild boar fell,well thats the plan anyway!




The rough gravel area next to the bridge...

Anyone know why this is actually there?

Was it put there when the tarmac was laid on the road up there?

Im guessing it was there in the late 1960s anyway.




Some trains running...

Ivatt that desperatley needs weathering




Jubillee 'achillies' on a passenger..







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Its a wd austerity 2 8 0 in 7 1/4 inch currently being built by my old man.

Forgot that pic is there as i always use my phone on here & cant see that on mobile version!


Well, at least I had the right # of wheels- I hadn't considered the ROD's, or a lot of NE stuff...

Dad is currently (not) working on someone else's Cli-Shay in 7.x (I think 1/4, but could be 1/2).  His project is a 3" size engine for a Clayton steam wagon, which he had me doing calculations for & making sure that he could do what he wants to with it.  (it's currently 1.625 bore, he wanted enough clear to take it out to 2", which there is just enough metal to manage).  He's not sure if it will end up replacing the 4" Clayton engine "for a while", or if he is going to just get on with making a 3" wagon to go with the 2" and 4" that he has.  (both mostly built by other people).  Dad's hobby time is severely curtailed right now, as his wife is in hospital.


Why not Sentinels?  Because of the poppet valve gear...


There are photos of around his shop up on my Flickr,




15655963535_7086f2a55c.jpgcyl ports4 by Peach James, on Flickr





& that's grandson #2 caging a ride behind my sister's roller, last summer.

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Ben, in response to the question you posted in Mike's Dent thread.


If you have a look at the Kirkby Luneside thread, between pages 13 - 22 (especially 18-20)....


I used Evo-Stik contact adhesive throughout for plasikard-wood/plastikard-plaster/paper-wood contacts. It worked very well.


Hope this is helpful!



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