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Which is best DCC loco decoder for Hornby R3138 HST


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Bought these myself a month or so ago.   requires two 8 pin decoders.

I used a Lenz standard+ in the motorised power car and a basic Hornby in the dummy power car.


I have had no issues and have a full range of CV's available to adjust the motor control

I'm not saying these are the best but I would definitely avoid putting the basis Hornby decoder in the motorised power car.  Unless you only have a basis controller.


I have used Hornby, Bachmann, DCC Concepts, Trainsave, and Gaugemaster chips before finally settling on the Lenz chips.  blown plenty of the other chips, but so far not one Lenz chip has failed.  

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Guest Digital

I have just fitted a pair of Legomanbiffo sound decoders in my Hornby HST absolutely superb.

You can get them as a matched pair from DCKITS.


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Another vote for Lenz decoders.


I have tried Hornby, TCS, Digitrax, Train$ave & CT Electronik

IMHO Lenz are best value for the price.


Now all lenz fitted (40+locos!) bar one loco with a Digitrax stil in.



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