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Carriage sidings: whats the distance between tracks?


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Hi folks.


I have been giving some thought to the carriage sidings on my layout and the question of the 6 foot has come up.  According to the rather nice Ratio kit of a coach shed, the distance between tracks remains 6' (or 24mm in 4mm scale) but this seems hellishly tight for the poor cleaning crews to get in about the coaches.


Can any one advise me on the prototype distances found between coaching sidings (where cleaning/servicing is to be completed) and also, if different, those sidings which feature a covered area/shed to carry out the same.


If it makes any difference, my layout history would have the sidings originally laid by the Midland and brought into the LMS but its now 1960 so they may have been ripped up and relaid?



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I'd hazard a guess that you'd have to add at least 50%. I recall the carriage sidings at Selhurst depot (ground level, not raised platform) had enough room to swing a bin liner and a broom around. Definitely more than running line 6ft.


Edit: Might be worth using the birds eye Google maps view of a location that has carriage sidings close to a running line... that should give some indication.

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Yes Bob - that was also originally 9 feet but was later increased to 10 feet (says he without checking).


In the 1892 Requirements and 1902 amendment, the minimum distance between running lines and sidings was 6 feet.
By 1950 the Requirements said that except where specially approved "the clear interval between a running line and the nearest siding to be not less than 9 feet. Where wagon examination or shunting operations are likely to be regularly performed in sidings, this dimension should be increased to not less than 10 feet"
Sorry I haven't got any documents in between to hand.
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