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Kitbashing or Scratchbuilding?

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I'm not sure if this belongs in here so Mods, feel free to move it if you wish.


Following a conversation with Nest of this parish about the "new" Wrenn stuff being produced by the current incarnation (yes, the name survives! http://www.gandr-wrenn.co.uk/ ) £50 a wagon is a bit steep though...


A question came up that if you were to buy a complete loco in spare parts and assemble it, would this constitute scratchbuilding or kitbashing? The rules are that the parts must not have previously been a part of a loco. We came to the conclusion that his is neither, and the term "Scratch bashing" was born, as it is not exactly scratchbuilding but not exactly kit building or kit bashing, but a new loco is created anyway even if it is not of a rare or obscure prototype. The big question is, where does Kitbuilding, Scratchbuilding and kitbashing end? Where are the grey areas?

Any thoughts anyone?

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In view of the parts effectively becoming a CKD kit - much like some of the US outline Proto 2000 stuff from the 1990s - I'd be inclined to regard this sort of thing as assembly.



Another (probably more commonplace) example of this sort of thing might be the Dapol coaches, which a number of retailers have been selling in bags for the last year or two.


If I were to put one of these together, I'd think of it as assembly.


If, along the way, I were to modify it in some way - paint the interior - fit passengers or lights - change the roof vents - or, better still, change the coach from one type to another - then I might start to think in terms of kitbashing (even if some of this stuff might really be kitbashing in name only).



My thoughts only, for what they're worth.




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Thanks Huw. The only thing I was thinking if you modify some of the parts it could very well get into Kitbashing territory, Although I suppose you could add any type of bits and pieces hence where the Scratchbashing term came from. Like if you were building a steam loco and you decided to scratch build smoke deflectors or something.

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