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GWR vacuum pump on zimo


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I'm currently having a go at making my own sound set for a gwr loco, surprisingly, I have got the hang of most of software and sound editing for, and it sounds quite reasonable for a first attempt. But there is one thing i am finding impossible to do with the Zimo software..and that is to add the vac pump in. I have the required sounds edited but cant get it to mix in with the cylinder blasts. Does anyone know how I can add the vac pump in successfully. once i know how to do this, i'll have my first sound project done. 


Also, how do i add a coast feature to it?


Should the vac pump not be able to be added, would the Loksound software and decoders do it?





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The pump speed is related to the wheel motion and therefore the chuff rate.


If it were my project I would mix the pump sound with the chuffs in the sound editor at the rate of one pump beat per two chuffs before slicing up for individual chuffs. The pump will correctly run at half chuff rate.


For coasting, mix your pump, steam hisses and rod clank sounds then slice them up as per chuffs but remember only two clanks per wheel revolution, so in a set of 4 you would have something like hiss,clank,hiss, clank.


Put these sounds into the L sound slots and they will play as coasting sounds when you reduce the throttle. Duration is programmable.


If you join ZIMO-DCC@yahoogroups.com you will be able to download my ZIMO Sound Programmer (ZSP) tutorials from the Files section. 


Good luck,



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