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Blog- The GC and Met in OO - The 2015 Build Programme

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Here is the list of projects I have planned for 2015....


- LNER class C5 'King Edward VII' as she appeared between April and September 1924. (GCR livery, LNER number).


- LNER class B4. Two models- one in 1922 Great Central black and one in 1923 LNER green.


- LNER class B2 'City of Lincoln' in Great Central green (as she appeared August 1922- February 1924).


- LNER class B8 'Sutton Nelthorpe'.


- LNER class D11 'Jutland' as she appeared March 1924 (GCR livery, LNER number).


-LNER class J10.


-LNER class C13.


-LNER class J58.


Most of these are existing models that will be rebuilt and repainted. The 'Imminghams' and 'Jersey Lily' are McGowan whitemetal kits, the 'Sam Fay' a K's. The 'Improved Director' is the GBL Bachmann knock-off, the J10 a DJH kit, the B8 is somebody's prior hackbash and the C13 somebody's prior scratchbuild. The J58 will be a hackbash from a Triang shunter from the 1960s.


Rolling stock:


-GCR 1911 mainline stock:


-Open Third

-Restaurant Composite

-Compartment Third


-Brake Third (x2)


These will be a mixture of repainted Graham Farish OO stock and hackbashed Mainline/ Bachmann LMS Period I stock.


-GCR 1910 Barnums


-Open Third (x2)


These are etched brass kits. Their construction will be an education no doubt.


-GCR 1903 suburban stock:


-All First

-All Third (x2)

-Brake Third (x2)


Hackbashed Ratio Midland stock.


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