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Scorpio 7mm Shunters Truck


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Ok so house move done, decorating completed, modelling bench reactivated, and first up is a Scorpio shunters truck.


As i havent done much for a while i thought i would start small, this will soon be joined by an 03 shunter kit, so starting at the beginning i've unpacked the bag and this is what you get..


2 small etches, a bag of white metal castings and a bag of buffers and coupling castings that are a mix of brass and Nickel Silver. looks straight forward enough off we go.


I have just noticed that the wheels i have for this are 3 hole and the instruction say 8 spoke are needed, better get a set ordered then..


Will post pictures of my progress when i work out how to keep files to less than 1MB..

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I do like the Scorpio range of kits. Yes, the castings do sometimes need a bit of cleaning up and I often replace the buffers, but they do go together nicely.


With regard to the 1mb photo limit. I usually resize my photo's with Microsoft Paint (comes as part of windows), only takes a few seconds per photo.


I'll look forward to seeing your progress

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