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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street - The Forth Bridge and the Start of a New Locomotive?

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Well call me observant but I have discovered another difference between the Forth Rail bridge and our Living room, the Living room takes more paining, honestly there is nearly as much paint on the walls as there is on me!!


I must admit though that the satin finish seems to suit me quite well, anyway in a brief moment of respite from the endless decorating sentence imposed upon me, I have I think decided on the next locomotive project to add the Foster Street stud.


I may change my mind, between now and the next decorating break I get (whenever that will be, oh woe is me, woe I tell you), but providing I don't make a total "Pigs" ear of the early stages I may post some progress pictures.


Oh if I don't get chance to post another blog before the big day, for all of you who get something you truly want as presents from the Big Fat Man, you lucky @*$@@*** its not nice to brag :)


Until the nest time, as ever Happy Modelling.


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