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I must write to praise David Geen's Midland Railway coach conversion kit.<br /> In the box you get sides and ends for six Midland elliptical roof coaches. The rest is like building a Comet conversion kit. The Mainline or Bachman period one LMS coaches are the donor vehicles. You can, if you prefer, build the complete coach, using Comet, 247 or your own scratched parts.<br /> So far, I have gone down the Mainline route. The sides are thin enough to form the tumblehome easily and fit under the existing gutter of the coach. There is, obviously, some work left to do, but that is detailing and my personal bete noir painting!!<br /> You have to do some modelling, but none of it is difficult. Isn,t that what most of us are in the hobby for anyway?<br /> Excellent kit David. Highly recommended.<br /> Merry Christmas to everybody.


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