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The New Model Train Shed Now What can I put it in!


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I've normally been building many small layouts through out the year in quick time and then starting on something new.

I really like building the layouts but running anything just bores me.


For my birthday present in October I bought myself a Hornby Live Steam set, the Mallard.

I don't have anywhere to run it, but had a practice session on the rolling road, what a bit of engineering it is!

It made operating it fun!


Problem is, they do run quick and need a minimum of 3rd radius curves(driving slowly!) ideally 4th radius curves, this as you can imagine needs a fair bit of room.


So instead of building layouts this year, thought I'd build a shed to put a layout in!

This is a "Traditional Log Cabin Workshop" that gets delivered flat pack and you just assemble it on the prepared base.

There were a number of issues as always when you get this type of thing delivered, the company who supplied it, the least said the better!

The sales team as usual great all English in the call centre, when it comes to problems had 10 replies all from different people and English wasn't their first language.

Easier and quicker to sort things myself, although they did get a lot of emails, and the last one hasn't been replied to.







Just need to fit the skirting board round the bottom and it's complete.

I also need to give the doors a couple more coats of preservative paint, but need it to warm up first.

The walls are 44mm thick twin tongue and groove, with the floor boards and roof both 20mm thick.

I have insulated under the floorboards with king-span foam insulation.


I've been out in there when it's been 3degrees outside and it feels warmer than the house loft!

The fan heater on the wall, is always on and controlled by it's own thermostat, which stops it from freezing inside, it also has a fan built in so it doesn't take long to warm it up.


Total interior space 14ftx8ft...............................now to fill it :danced:

Although the wife did say it would be nice to have a TV on one wall and a sofa in there, it could be lost before I even start.


The plan is to have an N-gauge layout and a OO layout in there.

The OO layout will be to run the Live Steam, but by unplugging the controller then run DCC.

Neither layout will be huge so that I can still get in and around them, but it's turned out quite a good space.


What would any of you do if you had the available space?

Looking for ideas for layout designs that would be suitable, the OO layout needs to have a nice big continuous run for when running the live Steam set.


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all got what you wanted!





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